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The Department of Architecture (ARCH) is one of the four departments of the newly established School of Engineering at the University of Cyprus. The program of studies in Architecture is presently offered within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Considering that design is the common factor in all conceptual or other subdivisions or categories, the four basic areas of study are: architectural theory and history, architectural communication media, architectural technology and urban design. Aspiring to be an outstanding academic center of studies in the wider European region, the Department of Architecture aims at educating students to become architects who can perform successfully worldwide but who also have the knowledge and sensitivity to respond efficiently and influence positively the built environment of the eastern Mediterranean region.

The program of Architecture offers the following degrees:
  • B.Sc. in Architecture
  • Diploma of Architect-Engineer
  • M.Sc. in Architecture
  • Ph.D. in Architecture

Architecture can in many ways be seen as staging human life, while being staged itself by it. Its role and significance can thus hardly be overestimated. Having an impact on the human race and the environment on a number of scales and levels the field is inherently related to a wide variety of areas with aesthetic, technological, social, cultural, economic and political issues. The Department of Architecture consequently has an important role to play in producing architectural skills and knowledge through research, in providing high quality education to students and practicioners of architecture alike. It will also help the much needed dialogue among the parties, directly or indirectly involved in its production; the architectural community, other professionals and the public.

Central to the department's philosophy and reflected in the program of studies is the concept of integrated design which stresses the necessity of a balanced focus on the various aspects of architecture which make it the complex and fascinating field that it is. The challenges for both the discipline and the profession are many and diverse but they could perhaps be summed up thus: to preserve the past, accommodate the present and plan for the future; to allow for the cultural while respecting the natural, to identify the local within the global, to allow for differences and bring out the similarities, to be innovative, to create.

The nature of the profession offers the architect the chance to be either self-employed or work in an office, in both the private and public sector. Apart from practicing architecture the design skills and knowledge obtained can form the base on which a number of other career directions can be built. Thus graduates of Architecture have a variety of additional career options, such as project managers, urban and town-planners, developers, contractors, industrial designers, graphic designers, other media related and creative activities, researchers and educators.

  last updated July 15, 2005