Project Scientific Objectives

The main objective of this research proposal is a thorough investigation and assessment of earthquake induced structural poundings of adjacent buildings and the development of practical impact mitigation measures. The scientific and technological objectives of the proposed research project include the following:

1) Development of impact models with which structural poundings will be appropriately simulated in three dimensions, contributing to the existing knowledge on numerical modeling of impacts.

2) Design and implementation of a specialized 3D analysis extendable software application, able to effectively and efficiently simulate, both fixed-supported and seismically isolated, buildings that may interact with each other through structural poundings.

3) Performing a large number of numerical simulations and parametric analyses in order to systematically investigate all factors that may affect the structural response during poundings.

4) Proposing and assessing the effectiveness of potential impact mitigation measures that can be implemented so as to minimize the risk of potential severe damage of buildings, or sensitive equipment that may house, due to poundings during a strong earthquake.






This project with protocol number "ΔΙΔΑΚΤΩΡ/0609/39" is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research Promotion Foundation