Welcome to the website of the Environmental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, part of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Cyprus.


The laboratory hosts a wide range of experimental arrangements for investigating fluid flow phenomena in environmental and industrial applications, such as airflow and dispersion around and inside buildings, water flows and pollution in rivers and seas and air pollution.


The research addresses both turbulent and laminar incompressible flows as well as particle dispersion; by combining theoretical, experimental and computational investigations the laboratory aims to understand the physical processes involved in these flows and to develop new mathematical models to simulated them.


The Environmental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory is located in Strovolos Industrial Area in the new Departmental Laboratory Site in Arsalidou Building.


The laboratory facilities support both research projects and undergraduate teaching in the area of environmental fluid mechanics.











Simulation of Air Pollution Dispersion in Cities

(Natalia Londou, MSc Thesis, 2007)



a dam

Depiction of the HM 170 wind tunnel flow straighteners in EFM lab


Demonstration of a turbulent flow in a pipe