Research Activities & Projects

CLEANAIR (RPF/Research Infrastructure) conducts field experiments in Nicosia to evaluate the performance of international urban air pollution dispersion models in the Cypriot urban environment and develop appropriate models to adjust to the south-European conditions. Partners: Cyprus Meteorological Service, Ministry of  Labour, University of Cambridge, ATLANTIS consultants.


CITYFLOW (UCY/CEE) conducts laboratory experiments in the EFM lab water channel to simulate the wind environment inside a city using real urban geometries and the Particle Tracking Velocimetry Technique.


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling


HEATFLOW (UCY/CEE) models the air flow and temperature distribution within a city using Computational Fluid Dynamics (Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Equations); it thereby aims to determine the contribution of  radiative heat transfer (and therefore building materials) to the urban heat island phenomenon.


DAPPLE (EPSRC, UK) undertakes Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations and operational dispersion modeling in order to represent the physical processes affecting street and neighborhood scale flows of air, traffic and people, and their corresponding interactions with the dispersion of air pollutants.



Laboratory & Field Experiments

Environmental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory