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The lab is coordinating a Horizon 2020 FETOpen project which aims to create a new paradigm of Externally Controllable Molecular Communications for brain tumor theranostics. Read more here.


K. Loizidou, G. Skouroumouni, C. Nikolaou, C. Pitris. “An Automated Breast Micro-Calcification Detection and Classification Technique Using Temporal Subtraction of Mammograms,” IEEE Access, 8:52785-95, 2020. Read the article here.


C. Photiou, C. Pitris, “Comparison of tissue dispersion measurement techniques based on optical coherence tomography,” Journal of biomedical optics, 24(4) 46003, 2019. DOI/10.1117 / 1.JBO.24.4.046003. Read the article here.

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Lab Members, Collaborators and Alumni


Current Members

  • Postdoctoral Associates
    • Christos Photiou, “Biomarkers of disease from Optical Coherence Tomography.”
  • PhD Candidates
    • Kosmia Loizidou, “Digital Subtraction Mammography”, Expected Graduation: May 2022.
    • Rafaella Solomou, "Disease Networks," Expected Graduation: May 2024.
    • Pavlos Alexandros Demtriou, "Disease Networks", Graduation: May 2025.
    • Hadjittoouli Nicolas, "AI-based Medical Image Analysis", Graduation: May 2026.
  • MSc Candidates
  • Undergraduate Theses
  • Researchers
    • Neofytos Neofytou, "Speech Processing"




  • On-going collaborations


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