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The lab is coordinating a Horizon 2020 FETOpen project which aims to create a new paradigm of Externally Controllable Molecular Communications for brain tumor theranostics. Read more here.


C. Photiou, C. Pitris, “Comparison of tissue dispersion measurement techniques based on optical coherence tomography,” Journal of biomedical optics, 24(4) 46003, 2019. DOI/10.1117 / 1.JBO.24.4.046003. Read the article here.


Research featured in the "25 Year Anniversary of Optical Coherence Tomography" special issue of Biomedical Optics Express. See the article here.

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Lab Members, Collaborators and Alumni


Current Members

  • PhD Candidates
    • Katerina Hadjigeorgiou, “UTI point-of-care diagnosis and antibiogram using SERS.” Expected Graduation: June. 2018
    • Louiza Sophokleous, “Lung sound analysis for estimation of lung maturation in premature infants,” Expected Graduation: June 2019.
    • Christos Photiou, “Contrast Enhancement in Optical Coherence Tomography.” Expected Graduation: June 2021.
    • Kosmia Loizidou, “Digital Subtraction Mammography”, Expected Graduation: May 2022.
  • MSc Candidates
  • Undergraduate Theses
    • Evelthon Markantonis, “Quantification of hydration in OCT images of skin”, Expected Graduation: May 2019.
    • Charalambos Krinou , “Sound interface for robot programming in Scratch”, Expected Graduation: May 2019.



  • On-going collaborations


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