ECE 658: Performance Evaluation and Simulation
Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of Cyprus
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Programming Assignment 4
  Due: Thursday, November 2, 2006
Objective: Experiment with random number generators: Write a program that generates N random variates (N is an input to your program) from the following distributions
  • Uniform in the interval (a,b).
  • Exponential with rate lambda.
  • Gaussian with mean m and variance s^2.
  • Geometric with parameter p.
  • The outcome of rolling two independent fair dices.
  1. Number of samples N.
  2. Distribution and its parameter
  3. Number of intervals for the purposes of the Chi-Square test.
  1. The sequence of the generated random variates.
  2. Mean and variance estimate calculated by the obtained samples.
  1. Compare the experimental results with the theoretical results.
  2. Plot the mean and variance estimators as functions of the number of samples N.
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