ECE 658: Performance Evaluation and Simulation
Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of Cyprus
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Research Project

A significant portion of the course grade (30%) will be determined by the Term/Research project. For this project students are expected to study research papers and write a report on the topic of their interest. Some students may use this project for the literature review sections of their Masters Thesis. Alternatively, students may select a system and perform a simulation study.

During the first part of the course I will be listing possible project titles. Students are encouraged to periodically check this page for new titles. Also, students are encouraged to find their own topics, however, in this case, they are expected to discuss their topic with me ahead of time.

The final report will be due during the last day of classes. It can be written either in Greek or English and it is not expected to exceed 20 single spaced pages. The report should clearly state the problem(s) addressed, the models that have been developed to address the problem and some solution approaches. If possible, students should present their own approach to solve the problem. Finally, the report should include a bibliography section with references to all material used. Along with the possible topics I will also list some references. This list is by no means complete and students are encouraged to look for additional references. (Hint: Check the references from the papers that you read).

Possible Topics:
Open to suggestions...:
  last updated September 1, 2006