ECE 658: Performance Evaluation and Simulation
Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of Cyprus
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Course Outline:
This graduate course covers fundamental topics in modeling and analysis of computer systems. It introduces general tools for modeling such systems (automata, Petri-nets) as well as methods for analyzing them (queueing systems).


  • Good understanding of probability and stochastic process.
  • A computer programming language.

Topics Covered:

  1. Introduction to System Modeling
  2. Modeling approaches using automata and Petri-Nets
  3. Discrete Event Simulation
  4. Markov Chains
  5. Queueing Systems
  6. Queueing Networks
  7. Applications

Simulation Assignments: 10%
Research/Term project: 20%
Mid term exam: 20% (Tentative date: October 24, 2006), Final exam: 50%.

IMPORTANT: In order for a student to receive a passing grade he/she must get at least 50% of the exam grades.

For the research/term project students have the option to either study papers from the literature or can perform a simulation study of a problem of their interest. I will list possible topics on the course website. Students are also welcome to make their suggestions according to their own interests. Students that plan to work on their own projects are required to discuss their topic with the instructor to get approval.

C.G. Cassandras and S. Lafortune, "Introduction to Discrete Event Systems", Kluwer Academic Publishers (now Springer), 1999.


  • L. Kleinrock, "Queueing Systems", Wiley-Interscience, 1975
  • B.R. Haverkort, "Performance of Computer Communication Systems: A Model Based Approach", Wiley.
  • S. Ross, "Simulation", Academic Press, 2002.
  • C.H. Sauer and K.M. Chandy, "Computer Systems Performance Modeling", Prentice-Hall, 1981.
  • R. Jain, "The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis", Wiley, 1991.
  • Research papers.

Academic Honesty:
It is acceptable to work together in small groups for study and homework. However, work that you turn in under your name must be your own. Cheating will not be tolerated.

For the research projects you are expected to provide proper referencing when you use parts from other papers.

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  last updated September 1, 2006