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Project Consortium 

The University of Cyprus 

Established in 1989, the University of Cyprus (UCY) is the leading public - sector university in Cyprus with more than 7,000 enrolled students. Despite its brief history, UCY has earned the respect of the international academic community and the appreciation of the Cypriot society, having recently ranked by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2015-2016) in the top 200 European Universities (top 400 Higher Education Institutions in the world), and 28th among universities in the BRICS and Emerging Economies. Further, it has been ranked the most active research institution in Cyprus (European Research Ranking 2012). 

UCY has a significant involvement in the implementation of European grants. In 2014, it participated in 128 EU funded projects out of a total of 246 research projects implemented during that period and with a total budget from these external sources 7.5 million euro. 

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (UCY/CEE)

UCY’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (UCY/CEE) and its project-related constituent laboratories (Eupalinos Lab and the Lab for Transport Engineering) currently employ 10 researchers on externally funded projects, in a multitude of thematic areas, such as: transportation engineering, transport analytics, infrastructure management, and intelligent transportation systems. The Lab for Transport Engineering was established in 2014, in order to play a key role in research and development activities in the field of transportation both at national and international level. Research in the Lαb is wide-ranging and revolves around an inter-disciplinary approach for studying the transportation system as a whole. 

The KIOS Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence (KIOS CoE)

The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence (KIOS CoE) operates within the University of Cyprus. The Center was established in 2008 and was subsequently selected by the EU to advance into a Research and Innovation Center of Excellence in 2017. With collaboration with Imperial College London, KIOS has succeeded in securing funding in excess of 40 million euros for the period of 2017-2022. This is the largest and most competitive funding to be secured for research and innovation in Cyprus which will be implemented as part of the EU’s strategic Horizon 2020 program for “Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation – Teaming”.

The KIOS CoE is the largest research and innovation center in Cyprus on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with an emphasis on monitoring, control, management and security of critical infrastructures such as electric power systems, water distribution networks, telecommunication networks, and transportation systems. 

SignalGeneriX Ltd. 

SignalgeneriX is a leading high-tech Cypriot technology SME operating in the field of new electronics product development. The company is based in Cyprus but operates as an expert provider of new technologies realized both in hardware and software to a wide network of clients and collaborators throughout Europe. SignalGeneriX is today the leading Cypriot company in its field, presented with the Cyprus Engineering Award 2015, named as a National Champion in Innovation at the European Business Awards 2014, awarded with the prestigious Lloyds List Global Innovation Award 2014, and the Cyprus Innovation Award 2013 for its Wisense® innovative technologies. The quality of the scientific output of SignalGeneriX was also pivotal for the company’s ranking by the European Research rankings as the top research performing company in Cyprus. The company has also recently been awarded the Eureka Label from the European Commission as a recognition of substantial innovation in R&D. Various facets of the work output of SignalGeneriX have been presented at international exhibitions and scientific conferences, published in acknowledged scientific journals and featured in science & technology world news such as the Euronews Futuris documentary. The company's Wisense® product range includes low powered sensor nodes, smart antennas, intelligent power management, DSP processes and advanced remote monitoring platforms. Wisense® was recently acknowledged with the Cyprus Innovation Award 2013

GeoImaging Ltd.

GeoImaging Ltd is a leading SME based in Nicosia. The company was established in 2002 and since then it offers scientific and professional solutions in the area of ICT and Geoinformatics. It is also active in R&D programmes, in EU & national funded projects and provides consultations services as well. GeoImaging goal is to support its clients and partners in the responsible and successful completion of projects. The products and services span state-of-the art knowledge and technology from spatial/image information acquisition, processing, analysis to representation and visualisation. The area of projects’ that GeoImaging is acting concerns Geoinformatics and ICT in the broader extent, i.e. software development, mobile & web applications, GIS, geodatabases & data mining, photogrammetry & computer vision, remote sensing, imaging, 3D modelling, geospatial technologies, mapping and cartography, navigation and surveying.

The company has quite an impressive portfolio in European co-funded projects. Especially, during 2007-2013, GeoImaging was the top-ranked company in Cyprus with respect to the number of FP7 projects. Currently, GeoImaging is running one H2020 project (LARA) as Project Coordinator, one LLP project (ATMAPS), and one EUROSTARS project (CASPAR 02). The company has successfully finished 10 FP7 projects (RADICAL, ETHICAL, REACT, OBSERVE, CHAMPI-ON, NUTRISTAT, DE-MONTES, IASON, SCOLIO-SEE, RESPONSIBILITY), 1 EUROSTARS project (FORSAT, as Project Coordinator), and 3 AAL projects (TTNET, SOPHIA as Project Coordinator, and ELDERSUP). 

Lakatamia Municipality

Lakatamia is today one of the seven Municipalities of Greater Nicosia with a population of about 40,000. It extends to an area of 29 sq. km and has boundaries with the Strovolos, Latsia and Engomi Municipalities, and also with Tseri, Deftera, Ayious Trimithias and Paliometoxo. Due to the expansion of the Nicosia urban area, Lakatamia has grown from two small villages into a sizeable suburb. Lakatamia is administered by the Mayor and 20 elected Municipal Counselors, and for administrative purposes is currently divided into four parishes. In recent years, several major urban road projects have been developed to solve the serious traffic problem faced by the Municipality, as well as new roads, pedestrian crossings and sidewalks. Two pedestrian bridges have also been constructed on the Pediou River to facilitate the traffic to and from the Archangelos High School and Lyceum of St. George. The Municipality is constantly striving to maintain the existing and construct new roadways.

Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works – Public Works Department

The Ministry of Transport Communications and Works (MTCW) is the national authority for transport (including land, sea and air) in Cyprus with long experiences of large projects including EU funded projects for research and innovation. The MTCW, has under its authority a series of significant governmental Departments such as: Public Works, Merchant Shipping, Electronic Communications, Electrical and Mechanical Services, Road Transport, Civil Aviation, Postal Services and the Port Authority. The Ministry‟s annual budget for the last three years is around 275 million euro and it currently has 1261 employees. Among the Ministry‟s strategic aim is to promote research and innovation actions and culture within its Departments to boost its productivity, improve its services and meet the critical societal challenges associated with many activities of its Departments.

Project Team

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Loukas Dimitriou, Dr.UCY/CEEPrincipal Investigator (PI)Transportation Engineering
Symeon Christodoulou, Dr.UCY/CEECo-PIInformatics
Charalambos Kyriakou, Dr.UCY/CEEResearcherVibration-based Pavement Assessment
Georgios Hadjidemetriou, Dr.UCY/CEEResearcherVision-based Pavement Assessment
Eleni ToxquiUCY/CEEResearcherCivil Engineering
Theocharis (Theo) Thecharides, Dr.UCY/KIOSResearcherMachine Vision
Christos Kyrkou, Dr.UCY/KIOSResearcherMachine Vision
Stelios Timotheou, Dr.UCY/CEEResearcherElectrical Engineering
Anastasis Kounoudes, Dr.SignalGeneriXResearcherDigital Signal Processing
Kyriacos MichaelidesSignalGeneriXResearcherElectrical and Electronic Engineering 
Konstantinos Michail, Dr.SignalGeneriXResearcherElectronics Engineer
Lefteris Economou, Dr.SignalGeneriXResearcherElectronics Engineer
Marios MilisSignalGeneriXResearcherElectrical and Computer Engineering
Theodore PananosSignalGeneriXResearcherProgram Management
Agisilaos AgisilaouGeoImagingResearcherSurveying
Konstantinos SmagasGeoImagingResearcherUrban Economics
Elena Valari, Dr.GeoImagingResearcherSoftware Engineering
Athina KyriakouLakatamia MunicipalityResearcherOperations Management
Stelios VasilokostasLakatamia MunicipalityResearcherCivil/Transportation Engineering
Aristotelis SavvaMinistry of TransportResearcherCivil/Transportation Engineering
Katerina Stylianou Ministry of TransportResearcherCivil/Transportation Engineering
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The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Cyprus Research & Technology Foundation ('RESTART 2016-2020' Program) (Grant No. INTEGRATED/0918/0056).


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