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Outreach Activities

  1. World Water Monitoring Day
  2. Researcher’s Night
  3. Filming the Episode Stin Priza: ‘Micro-organisms around and inside us’, Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, 2007
  4. Presentation of the research projects DIATOXH APOEM/0505/02 and PHAREM AEIFO/0506/16, Skali Aglantzias, 2007
  5. ‘Emerging Disinfection by-products and Other Emerging Environmental Contaminants in Water and Wastewater: What’s New’, Journalists’ House, Nicosia organized by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and State General Laboratory of Cyprus, 9/3/2009
  6. Xenowac Conference 2009 ‘Xenobiotics in the Urban Water Cycle’, 11-13 March, 2009, Aphrodite Hills Resort Hotel, Paphos
  7. 2nd European Conference on Environmental Applications of Advanced Oxidation Processes-EAAOP-2 Conference 2009, 9-11 September, Hilton Hotel, Nicosia
  8. Workshop dedicated to Pharem AEIFO/0506/16 ‘Development and application of innovative advanced chemical oxidation processes for the removal of xenobiotics from sewage and assessment of their biological potency’,
    17-18 May 2009, Apokrifo Lofou, Limassol

  9. Workshop dedicated to ESTROGENS PROSELKISI/PROEM/0308, SOLTEC AEIFORIA/ASTI/0308/01/BIE and WINEC LIFE/ENV/000455, 22 February 2010, Venue Centre Columbia Plaza, Limassol
  10. Visit of students of the Dasoupolis High school, 7 December 2011
  11. Visit of Saint Charalambous High School students, 14 March 2013
  12. Nireas-IWRC participates in the Research and Innovation Week 2014