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Workshop dedicated to ESTROGENS PROSELKISI/PROEM/0308, SOLTEC AEIFORIA/ASTI/0308/01/BIE and WINEC LIFE/ENV/000455, 22 February 2010, Venue Centre Columbia Plaza, Limassol

On 22 February 2010 a one-day workshop was organised by GAIA Laboratory at Columbia Plaza in Limassol. The event was dedicated to the SOLTEC, ESTROGENS and WINEC research projects of the Laboratory. The kick-off meeting of the WINEC project (LIFE08 ENV/CY/000455) ‘Advanced systems for the enhancement of the environmental performance of WINEries in Cyprus’ comprised the first part of the workshop in which representatives of all the project beneficiaries participated. The project aims at the encouragement of wineries in Cyprus to adopt environmentally friendly practices within the framework of an Environmental Management System as well as to establish systems for advanced winery wastewater treatment. During the first part of the event the actions, the objectives and the timeframe of the project were presented and the project’s Steering Committee was formed.

The second part of the workshop comprised a number of presentations on the results of SolTec (AEIFORIA/ASTI/0308/BIE) ‘Development of a solar technology for the removal of effluent organic matter from urban wastewaters’ and ESTROGENS (PROSELKYSI/PROEM/0308/06) ‘Degradation of estrogens in water as well as in treated municipal and hospital wastewaters by heterogeneous photocatalytic chemical oxidation’ projects. Apart from the University of Cyprus, the Technical University of Crete and S.K. Euromarket Ltd who are the actual beneficiaries involved in these projects, representatives of the Water Development Department as well as the Department of the Environment were also present.