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This work has been implemented within the framework of the “Fate, Effect and Removal Potential of Xenobiotics present in Aqueous Matrices (IX-Aqua)”, UPGRADING/DURABLE/0308/07, co-funded by the Republic of Cyprus and the European Regional Development Fund through the Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus


































The main objectives of IX-Aqua are:
  • The development/optimization and training on effective analytical protocols capable of monitoring pharmaceutical residues, drugs of abuse and chlorinated by-products in water and wastewater matrices.
  • The development of new impact assessment systems that will help scientists to reach conclusions concerning the potency of selected xenobiotics towards humans and other organisms, but in relation to low doses and long time of exposure.
  • The evaluation of the potential impacts of compounds that resist degradation, as well as breakdown products (metabolites) of more labile (degradable) contaminants that are formed during wastewater treatment.
  • The investigation of the fate and behavior of selected xenobiotic compounds during various wastewater treatment trains - determination of the treatment trains that are more efficient in removing the xenobiotics of concern from wastewater.
  • The promotion of innovative technologies capable of removing ‘emerging compounds’ from wastewater scheduled for reuse, that will utilise the abundant solar energy in areas in the Euro-Mediterranean basin and reduce the energy finger print of this region in the Urban Wastewater Treatment sector.
  • The increase of the acceptance of water reuse for agricultural and urban irrigation and groundwater recharge and therefore help reduce the water scarcity in water-stressed regions in the Euro-Mediterranean basin by providing them water free of residual organic compounds.