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This work has been implemented within the framework of the “Fate, Effect and Removal Potential of Xenobiotics present in Aqueous Matrices (IX-Aqua)”, UPGRADING/DURABLE/0308/07, co-funded by the Republic of Cyprus and the European Regional Development Fund through the Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus.



The overarching aim of the project is to integrate and leverage this interdisciplinary research for the solution of complex scientific and engineering problems. Although distinct, the three technical WPs have commonalities both in the scientific content and the treatment applications. It is noted that the experience that will be gained in each WP, and the methods that will be developed or optimized, will be used in the other WPs. This is a unique and very important characteristic of the project that reinforces its coherence. The quality of the consortium of the project, the scheduled program, and also the formulation of the WPs are the three characteristics of IX-Aqua that guarantee that important findings will indeed be produced for the benefit of the production of water safe for reuse.


The methodological plan consists of a consortium of two partners, and a commercial enterprise that will provide technical services by carrying out two sub-activities in WP3 and a work plan that consists of 3 technical work packages, one WP devoted to the management of the project and one devoted to the dissemination activities.



The three main technical activities to be undertaken are:

1) Development, training and application of advanced analytical methods for xenobiotics analysis,

2) Development and application of advanced biological methods for xenobiotics impact assessment and

3) Investigation of the fate and behavior of selected xenobiotics in various treatment trains.