The Powder Technology Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is located at the Latsia campus of the University of Cyprus. The research activities involve Materials Science and Engineering and include:

  • Materials Synthesis: The preparation of materials have been developed based on various synthetic techniques such as solid-state reactions, synthesis from melt, flame reactions, mechanical alloying synthesis
  • Materials Processing: Processing of materials based on ball milling and hot-press sintering is currently carried out. Such techniques can offer main advantages such as enhanced mechanical properties, mass production and variety in shapes and are applied in a variety of materials including semiconductors as well as metals.
  • Materials Characterization: In-house materials characterization is routinely carried out using techniques such as Powder X-rays Diffraction, Thermal Analysis, Scanning Electron Microscope, Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy etc. The equipment is available through the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, UCY.
  • Materials Properties: Measurements of thermoelectric properties including Seebeck coefficient, electrical and thermal conductivity can be carried out in the temperature range of RT-800oC. Such setup is used to study materials that are of interest for various applications such as thermoelectrics and electronics.

The Powder Technology Lab is under the responsibility of Dr. Theodora Kyratsi, Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.