Petros Komodromos
   Associate Professor
   Department of Civil &
   Environmental Engineering
   University of Cyprus

   Tel: + 357 22892276
   Fax: + 357 22892295
   Cell:+ 357 99453167

Petros did his undergraduate studies (1987-92) at the Civil Engineering Department (CED) of the University of Patras, Greece. Then, he worked for a year (1992-93) at the CED in a research project on the nonlinear behavior of reinforced concrete structures. He continued his studies with a Master of Science (1993-95) in the Structures and Materials Group of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department (CEED) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he worked on seismic isolation research. Then, he spent a year (1995-96) studying in the Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Materials Program of the CEED at the University of California, Berkeley, where he focused more in earthquake-resistant design. Subsequently, he returned to the CEED of MIT and completed Ph.D. studies (1996-2001) in Information Technology, where he concentrated in computer-aided engineering and information technology. After the completion of his Ph.D. studies he worked for two years in the Information Technology Division of Morgan Stanley.

    He joined the University of Cyprus, at the rank of the Lecturer, in September of 2003, exactly when the CEE Department had accepted its first students. He was assigned solely responsible for the restructuring and improving of the Undergraduate Program of Studies and for the complete development (from a zero basis) and promotion of the Graduate Program of Studies of the CEE Department, adopting the ECTS system according to the Bologna Declaration in both programs of studies. He also served as the CEE Department's (one member) Undergraduate Studies Committee, the Graduate Studies Committee, Information Technology and Computing Committee, and Library Committee as the only member and coordinator (2003-2005). Furthermore, he represented the School of Engineering in the Senatorial Committee on Graduate Studies (2003-2005) of the University of Cyprus. During the 2005-2007 period he served on the Undergraduate Studies Committee, the Graduate Studies Committee, and the Information Technology and Computing Committee of the CEE Department, which have all become 3 member committees.

    Petros has developed and taught 7 completely new courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels (CEE220, CEE221, CEE320, CEE325, CEE401, CEE500, and CEE501). The courses that he has been teaching include structural analysis, structural dynamics, computer-aided structural engineering, software development for engineering applications and information technology topics. He has also provided various independent studies (CEE492, CEE493, CEE650, and CEE651) for both undergraduate and graduate students.

    His research interests include the areas of structural analysis and dynamics, earthquake resistant design and analysis, seismic isolation, computer-aided structural engineering and utilization of information technology in engineering. Petros' publications record includes 2 technical books (the one in two editions), 1 edited book, 5 book chapters, 23 papers at well-known peer-reviewed international scientific Journals, 52 papers in peer-reviewed international conference proceedings and 6 extended abstracts in refereed conference proceedings. The 2nd Edition of his book  Structural Analysis: Modern Computer-Aided Methods (Second Edition) is used in 5 Greek Universities as a suggested textbook.

He has successfully completed four funded research projects, including the last two: (1) Earthquake-Induced Poundings of Seismically Isolated Structures (EIPOSIS) and (2) Investigation of the response and behavior of ancient columns and colonnades during strong earthquake excitations (KIONES). He is the coordinator of 2 on-going funded research projects entitled "Three-dimensional numerical investigation of earthquake-induced poundings of buildings" (3D-POUND) and Investigation for the protection of ancient multi-drum columns and colonnades from strong earthquakes (COLUMNS-2D).

    He has supervised two Ph.D. students Loizos Papaloizou and Panayiotis Polycarpou, 3 M.Sc. (Eftychia Mavronicola, Varnavas Varnava and Georgia Eleni) and 2 M.Eng. (Panayiotis Andreou and Irene Attouna) students. His Ph.D. student Loizos Papaloizou has just completed (June 2009) his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, which is the first Ph.D. in Civil Engineering awarded in Cyprus and the first Ph.D. given by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. His second Ph.D. student, Paniayiotis Polycarpou,  completed his Ph.D. during the summer of 2009, being the second Ph.D. awarded in Civil Engineering in Cyprus and the second Ph.D., overall, given by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

     He has reviewed research papers for 19 international scientific journals (Advances in Engineering Software, Advances in Structural Engineering, Ain Shams Engineering, Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Construction & Building Materials, Earthquakes and Structures, Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration, Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, Shock and Vibration, Engineering Structures, Int. Journal of Solids and Structures, Int. Journal of Structural Integrity, Int. Journal of Mechanical Sciences, Soil Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering, Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, Structural Engineering & Mechanics, Structural & Multidisciplinary Optimization, Journal of Structural Engineering) and he has served in the scientific or/and organizing committees of 21 international and world conferences (ERES 2009, GRACM-2005, CC2015, CST2014, ICEAS13, CC2013, DEM2013, CST2012, CC2011, ERES2011, SEWC2011, DEM2010, CST2010, PACAM XI, ERES 2009, CC2009, 3PCEEES, PACAM X, ERES 2007, DEM2007, ERES 2005).

  Finally, Petros has established and operates, together with two colleagues, a state-of-the-art computational research center, the Archimedes Research Center for Structural and Construction Technology.

Active Research Projects:

Three-dimensional numerical investigation of earthquake-induced poundings of buildings

Project funded by the Cyprus Research Foundation (IPE): December 2010 - February 2014

Investigation for the protection of ancient multi-drum columns and colonnades from strong earthquakes

Project funded by the Cyprus Research Foundation (IPE): May 2011- November 2014