Action 1: Task dissemination

      Kick-off meeting

      Formation of a Steering Committee

      Agreed Plan of Action


Action 2: Project management and reporting to the EC

      ■ Establishment of a Project Management Team

      ■ Reporting to the EC

      ■ Partner Meetings


Action 3: Assessment of present conditions

      ■ Identification of data sources

      ■ Data Collection and Analysis

      ■ Reporting of current recovery and recycling practices in the participant countries


Action 4: Evaluation of the implementation of the relevant EC Directives in the participant member states

      ■ Review of existing legislation (Packaging and Packaging waste and WEEE Directives) and bibliographical analysis

      ■ Comparison of current practices in Cyprus, Malta, Greece and France with the requirements of the EC Directives


Action 5: Identification of constraints and obstacles

      ■ Technical analysis of present management of waste streams

      ■ Economic analysis

      ■ Environmental cost benefit analysis

      ■ Constraint analysis


Action 6: Preparation of an automated decision support tool (DST) for the formulation of recycling policies in islands

      ■ Development of a computerised DST for the identification of cost effective and environmentally sustainable schemes

      ■ Development of a users manual


Action 7: Pilot implementation

      ■ Dissemination and application of the DST for each of the participant countries

      ■ Correction and further development of the DST


Action 8: Project dissemination and training

      ■ Dissemination activities and publications

      ■ Organisation of conferences

      ■ Organisation of training workshops for the application of the DST


Action 9: Project monitoring

      ■ Preparation of a monitoring protocol for the project implementation

      ■ Monitoring activities by the Project Management Team


Action 10: After-LIFE communication

      ■ Preparation of an after LIFE communication plan

LIFE07 ENV/CY/000081 - Environmental Policy Support Tool for Recycling in Islands (REPT)