Action 1: Task dissemination

     ■ D1: Action Plan

     D2: Kick-off meeting


Action 2: Project management and reporting to the EC

     ■ D3: Steering Committee meetings


Action 3: Assessment of present conditions

     D4: Current situation and collection of data on packaging waste and WEEE recycling in Cyprus, Malta, Greece and France

Action 4: Evaluation of the implementation of the relevant EC Directives in the participant member states

     ■ D5: Implementation of packaging and packaging waste and WEEE directives in Cyprus, Malta, Greece and France


Action 5: Identification of constraints and obstacles

     ■ D6-8:Identification of constraints and obstacles


Action 6: Preparation of an automated decision support tool (DST) for recycling in islands

     ■ D9: Environmental Decision Support Tool for Recycling in Islands

  DST Installation instructions
  Download REPT DST
  DST Users' Manual
  On-line support


Action 7: Pilot implementation

     ■ D10: Report on the results of the DST implementation


Action 8: Project dissemination and training

     ■ D12: Printed material disseminated

  Leaflet 1 (February 2009): (Cyprus, Greece, France)
  Leaflet 2 (July 2009): (Cyprus, Malta, Greece, France)
  Leaflet 3 (March 2011): (Cyprus, Malta, Greece)
  Leaflet 4 (June 2011): (Cyprus, Malta, Greece)
  Posters: (Cyprus, Malta, Greece, France)


     ■ D13: Publications and media coverage

  Kick-off meeting press release, 14/1/09
  Phileleftheros newspaper, 15/1/09
  Haravgi newspaper, 15/1/09
  Malta Press Release, 15/1/09
  GreenPak newsletter, February 2009
  GreenPak 2008 report
GreenPak newsletter, June 2009
  Green Dot Cyprus Annual Report 2007-2008
  REPT article in PRO Europe newsletter, October 2009
  REPT press release for the website of PRO Europe

REPT article in Eco Emballages newsletter, January 2010

  GreenPak newsletter, April 2011
  Conference press release, June 2011
  Simerini newspaper, 15/6/2011
  Simerini newspaper, 16/6/2011

Cybc videos, 17/6/2011

  Haravgi newspaper, 18/6/2011
  Green Dot Cyprus press release, June 2011
  Simerini newspaper, 23/6/2011
  Alitheia newspaper, 1/7/2011
  Paper publication, Thirteenth International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium


  DST presentation and dissemination in Croatia within the framework of the EU IPA 2007 Chemical Safety project "Technical Assistance for Strengthening Legal Framework and Institutional Infrastucture for Protection from Dangerous Chemicals", May 30 - June 1, 2012


     ■ D14: Introductory project presentations

     ■ D15: DST workshops and training

     ■ D16: Final Conference


Action 9: Project monitoring

     D17: Monitoring protocol


Action 10: After-LIFE communication

     ■ D18: Layman's report

     ■ D19: After-LIFE communication plan



Final Project Report


LIFE07 ENV/CY/000081 - Environmental Policy Support Tool for Recycling in Islands (REPT)