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Article in ENR (June 3, 2002) about the work done at Polytechnic University (Brooklyn, NY) by Christodoulou, Griffis and their students on FIAPP and 3D/4D computer modeling for Polytechnics new academic building and dormitory, and New York Transits Myrtle/Wyckoff Avenue Subway Station.

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4DCAD-Related work at Stanford University (USA), a leader in 4DCAD/FIAPP research (under the guidance of Dr. M. Fischer). The site contains several other useful links.

FIATECH Organization

This is the official FIATECH organization, the only non-profit consortium focused on fast-track development and deployment of technologies to substantially improve how capital projects and facilities are designed, engineered, built and maintained.

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Arhimedes Research Center for Structural and Construction Technology

An interdisciplinary research center for design, analysis and construction management of structures in the wider sectors of Civil Engineering and Architecture. The research center aims primarily at the development of specialized research, as well as its extension through interdisciplinary cooperation in the broader areas of Civil Engineering and Architecture. The center was established in 2005 in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Cyprus and conducts international research activities in the following three main direction areas:

 Structural and construction design (Marios C. Phocas)

 Computer-aided structural analysis and information technology for Civil Engineering (Petros Komodromos)

 Construction engineering and management (Symeon Christodoulou)