Solival project intend on the determination of environmental problems that occurred from the olive oil industry and also the development of successfully friendly solutions to deal with this environmental problem.

The current proposal entitled “Sustainable management of agro-industrial wastes: Valorization and solar-Fenton post-treatment of olive mill effluents (SOLIVAL)” aims at promoting the principles of sustainable development in two ways, i.e. through (i) separation and recovery of antioxidants from OME, (ii) the post-treatment of the residual effluent by Fenton oxidation induced by solar irradiation, i.e. using a renewable energy source.

SOLIVAL objectives:

  • Investigate the olive oil industry in Cyprus and Greece.
  • Examine the operations in oil production and the environmental impacts.
  • Characterize different kinds of liquid waste samples from Olive oil industries.
  • Develop an integrated technique for the management of industrial effluents that will comply with the principles of sustainable development.
  • Establish a new “Best Practice” for the management of olive mill effluents, a serious environmental problem in the Mediterranean Sea basin.
  • Prevent the deterioration of water quality, thus facilitating the implementation of Water Framework Directive and the protection of inland waters and seawater, including flora, fauna and potentially human beings from the uncontrolled disposal of agro-industrial effluents.
  • Bridge the gap between laboratory scale research and technological application demonstrating the proposed method of post-valorization solar treatment in an already existing pilot unit.
  • Promote the cooperation of the involved research institutions that have significant experience in the specific field, thus safeguarding high level work, both in terms of research and technology.
  • Communicate and disseminate the project objectives, methodology, findings and new insights obtained. The project results are expected to contribute to the implementation, update and development of environmentally friendly practices and policies and to the incorporation of environmental research to decisions related to sustainable development in Cyprus and Greece.