Work Action 1: Project Management

  • Management and coordination of the project
  • Establishment of a Steering Committee
  • Preparation of Deliverable reports, Interim and Final Reports

Work Action 2: Dissemination and Exploitation of Results

  • Creation of project website
  • Publications in internationally scientific journals
  • Organization of a workshop at national level
  • Publications of articles to Greek and Cypriot press
  • Development of a manual script about the project objectives, methodology and results

Work Action 3: Characteristics and Pre-treatment of Olive Mill Effluent

  • Characterization of three-phase olive mill effluent from Cypriot and Greek-Olive oil industry
  • Pre-treatment of the OME with a variety of methodologies

Work Action 4: Separation of HVNC (High Value Natural Compound) by solvent extraction

  • Separation and concentration of the fraction of antioxidants compounds found in OME

Work Action 5: Fractionation of HVNC

  • Qualitative fractionation of the separated HVNC by chromatographic techniques

Work Action 6: Post-valorization treatment of OME by solar-fentonFractionation of HVNC

  • Mineralization of the residual effluent by means of advanced oxidation induced by solar irradiation
  • Solar-fenton is a type of an advanced oxidation technique that is used for the degradation of organic substances in the OME, in the lab-scale

Work Action 7: Demonstration of the solar-Fenton process in an existing pilot unit

  • Setup and operation of a pilot solar photocatalytic reactor