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I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, at the University of Cyprus. I received my Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Penn State University, working under the supervision of Professors Mary Jane Irwin and Vijaykrishnan Narayanan, in the areas of low-power computer architectures and reliable system design. I was a member of the Embedded and Mobile Computing Research Center at Penn State,  where my research revolved around the development of low-power and reliable Systems-on-Chip, with emphasis in the underlying interconnection architectures. I was also a member of the Gigascale Systems Research Center (www.gigascale.org), where I  collaborated with leading researchers in the fields of low-power and reliable on-chip interconnection networks. I was honored with the Robert M. Owens Memorial Scholarship in May 2005.
Through the years, my research focused on the design of reliable and low power embedded and application specific processors, media processors and real-time digital artificial intelligence applications. In particular, my students and I explore how the hardware itself is designed to be more efficient and how to be able to adapt, using real-time computational intelligence and machine learning techniques. Currently, we are looking into how we can efficiently accelerate various computational intelligence and machine vision algorithms to enable autonomous and distributed collaboration between unmanned terrestrial and aerial vehicles (drones). Furthermore, we are looking into how these algorithms can efficiently address various IoT problems, such as wearable sensor networks (Body Area Networks), smart buildings and smart infrastructures, and distributed camera networks.
I am directing the Embedded and Application-Specific Lab at the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence, where my students and I work on several ongoing projects related to embedded and mobile processors, embedded computer vision, embedded pattern recognition and classification architectures and intelligent system-level monitoring and dynamic reconfiguration for performance, energy and reliability. Moreover, we work on several projects related to computational intelligence, smart camera networks, acceleration of big data applications such as bioinformatics using heterogeneous computational platforms and reconfigurable hardware, etc. You can visit the KIOS website for more information.
I am a senior member of the IEEE and a member of ACM, and I currently serve as the Information Director of the ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems and the IEEE Design and Test of Computers, for which I also edit the TTTC newsletter. I am also serving as an Associate Editor of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, as an Associate Editor for the ETRI Journal, and as an editor of the Technology Newsletter of the IEEE Technical Committee on VLSI systems. Moreover, I am actively involved in the organizing committee and the technical program committee of  IEEE Computer Society's ISVLSI and the ACM/IEEE Great Lakes VLSI Symposium. I also serve in the Technical Program Committee of DATE both as a topic co-chair and a TPC member. I am also a member of the HiPEAC Network of Excellence, and co-organizer for the annual HiPEAC Workshop on the Design for Reliability, and co-organizer for the annual HiPEAC Workshop on Reconfigurable Computing.
For further information refer to my Curriculum Vitae in PDF Format.


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