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IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI


The Symposium explores emerging trends and novel ideas and concepts covering a broad range of topics in the area of VLSI: from VLSI circuits, systems and design methods, to system level design and system-on-chip issues, to bringing VLSI methods to new areas and technologies like nano- and molecular devices, hardware security, etc.

Past Conferences

To 2017

Bochum, Germany

July 3rd to 5th

To 2016

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

July 11th to 13th

To 2015

Montpellier, France

July 10th to 12th

To 2014

Tampa, Florida

July 9th to 11th

To 2013

Natal, Brazil

August 5th to 7th

To 2012

Amherst, USA

August 19 to 21st

To 2011

Chennai, India

July 4th to 6th

To 2010

Kefalonia, Greec

July 4th to 7th