The ISVLSI 2018 will be held during July 9-11 at

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)
Hong Kong SAR, China

The university campus of PolyU is located in Hung Hom, Kowloon, on a 9.46-hectare site adjacent to the Cross Harbour Tunnel. In addition to classrooms, laboratories and academic facilities, the campus offers sport, recreational facilities and other facilities including multi-purpose auditorium and Industrial Centre. A full range of campus services including restaurants, bookstore and banks are also provided.

Free WiFi named "Wi-Fi.HK via PolyU" is availabe on campus.

PolyU Campus Map

Getting to PolyU

Located at the centre of the city, PolyU is easily accessible by various means of public transport. Typical choices:

MTR (Subway)

Est. Travel Time: 50 min

  • Airport Station
  •   Airport Express   /   機場快線  
  • Tsing Yi Station / 青衣站
  •   Tung Chung Line   /   東涌綫  
  • Nam Cheong Station / 南昌站
  •  West Rail Line   /   西鐵綫  
  • Hung Hom Station / 紅磡
  • Exit A1
  • Take the footbridge and arrive in 5 min
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For public buses that run through the Cross Harbour Tunnel - get off at the stop at the entrance/exit of the Tunnel on the Kowloon side.

Details of bus routes are available from:


Drop-off at the entrance on Cheong Wan Road.

  • Est. Travel time: 30-40 min
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Hong Kong

Positioned at the mouth of the Pearl River Delta on the coast of southern China, Hong Kong’s geographical position as a gateway between the East and West has made it an attractive centre for international trade. As a reflection of this, the heart of Asia’s world city has always been the bustling and beautiful Victoria Harbour. Hong Kong’s 1,104-square-kilometer area comprises Hong Kong Island, which lies to the south of the harbour, the Kowloon Peninsula, which forms its northern shores, the New Territories to the north of Kowloon, which stretch all the way to Mainland China, and more than 200 outlying islands, including Lantau Island, where Hong Kong International Airport is located.
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HK International Airport (Code: HKG)

Hong Kong is a key aviation hub serviced by more than 100 airlines that provide connections to major cities throughout the world. Your gateway to the city is the 24-hour Hong Kong International Airport, which is consistently ranked among the best airports in the world.

It takes approximately 30-40 minutes by taxi or 1 hour via public transportation to reach from the airport to the conference venue.


As an international tourist city, Hong Kong offers plenty of choices of accommodation.

Some recommended hotels are listed here.

Octopus Card

Octopus Card Picture
Octopus Card Picture

Octopus card is a contactless payment tool which is well accepted all over Hong Kong! It will win you access to all of Hong Kong’s public transport, including Subway (MTR), taxis, local ferries, trams, buses and minibuses. You can also use it for small-value payments in most places, like bakeries, fast food chains, cafés, cinemas, apparel shops, convenience stores, department stores and supermarkets. The card is ubiquitous around Hong Kong, with almost all residents using it and it’s an excellent way to save time. We recommand you to purchase one.

- How to get one? You can buy an Octopus Card at the MTR Customer Service Center in almost every MTR station, as well as convenience stores of 7-Eleven, Circle K and VanGo. Two versions of the card are available to select from:

Version Price Price Breakdown
Service Fee Deposit (Refundable) Initial stored value (Refundable)
On-Loan Octopus 150 9 41 100
Sold Tourist Octopus 39 39 0 0 (You can add value when purchasing)
Tourist Day Pass 65 65 N.A. N.A.
Remarks: Unlimited travel on MTR valid for 24 hours. This is not Octopus card and we do not recommend it. We list it here only for your reference, details are available here.

- How to add value? If the value on your Octopus is at or below HK$0, it cannot be used until you add value to it. You can reload your Octopus with cash at thousands of locations, including MTR stations, continence stores, McDonald's, Starbucks, and most supermarkets.

- How to get refunded? You can apply for a refund at the MTR Customer Service Center in almost every MTR station. For On-Loan Octopus, the deposit and the remaining value in the card will be returned to you, and the card will be recycled by MTR. For Sold Tourist Octopus, the remaining value will be returned to you after card deactivation, but you can keep the card as a souvenir.


Visitors from most countries can enter Hong Kong without a visa for periods of 7 to 180 days, depending on nationality. However, you are strongly recommended to check with the Hong Kong Immigration Department for details about visa requirements.

Hong Kong has an excellent public transport system that is considered one of the best in the world. Depending on where you are going, you have a choice of MTR (subway), trains, buses, trams, ferries and taxis. These clean and efficient options cover extensive areas of Hong Kong and have signs and announcements in both English and Chinese.

It’s best to bring both cash in Hong Kong dollars and credit cards. Most shops in Hong Kong accept major credit cards; however, at open-air markets, most vendors will only take cash. Also note that the taxis only accept cash.

Yes. English is widely spoken in Hong Kong and is the language of preference in the government, business and tourism sectors. As a visitor, you can expect to encounter minimal problems communicating in English, as most taxi drivers, salespeople, tourism industry employees and police have reached competent levels of the language. Also, all official signs and public transport announcements, as well as most menus, are in both English and Chinese.

The standard electrical voltage in Hong Kong is 220 volts AC, 50Hz. Most hotel bathrooms also have outlets for 100 volts, but if not, you will need a transformer for any appliance or electrical equipment. The majority of electrical outlets in Hong Kong take a three-pronged UK-style plug. You can buy an inexpensive adaptor for your electrical equipment at most convenience stores.

Visa Policy

As a Special Administrative Region of China, the visa policy of Hong Kong is different from Mainland China. Visitors from most countries can enter Hong Kong without a visa for periods of 7 to 180 days, depending on nationality. However, you are strongly recommended to check with the Hong Kong Immigration Department for details about visa requirements.

We list the visa policy towards some countries/regions for your reference:*

You are from
Requirement Visa-free Stay
U.S.A. - 90 Days
India Complete the Pre-arrival Registration (PAR) online to enable visa-free stay. Details 14 Days
Mainland China Entry permit (往来港澳通行证) required. -
Taiwan Please refer to the Entry Arrangements for Chinese residents of Taiwan for details. -
Japan - 90 Days
Singapore - 90 Days
Germany - 90 Days
British - 90 Days
South Korea - 90 Days
Switzerland - 90 Days
Other Check with the Hong Kong Immigration Department

* The information is gathered from the Hong Kong Immigration Department website and is subject to change without notice. You are strongly recommended to double check with the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

Visa Supporting Letter

If you do need a Visa supporting letter, please contact the registration chair, Prof. Weichen Liu (

In your email, please list your contact information. If you are an author, please specify your paper title as well. If any special format requirement of Visa support letter is required, please also tell us in the email.


Partner Hotels:

Regal Kowloon Hotel

Special rate for ISVLSI attendees during 8 - 12 July, 2018:

- Superior Room at HK$880*
- Superior Single Room at HK$980* with Buffet Breakfast
- Superior Room at HK$1080* with Buffet Breakfast
* The above rates are subject to 10% service charge per room per night.

  • Free WiFi | Newspaper
  • Gym
Harbour Plaza Metropolis

Group booking discount for ISVLSI attendees during 8 - 12 July, 2018:

- Room Type: Superior Rooms on Standard Floors;
- Room Rate: HK$950 nett per room per night, including 10% service charge.

  • Free WiFi | Welcome fruit | Newspaper
  • Gym | Sauna | Outdoor swimming pool
Regal Kowloon Hotel

Special rate for ISVLSI attendees during 8 - 12 July, 2018:

- HK$1,650+10% service charge per room per night
- Supplement at HK$150+10% per room per night for double occupancy
- Breakfast included

  • Free WiFi | Smart-phone
  • Snacks | Coffee machine | Newspaper
  • Health Club | Outdoor swimming pool

Below are other hotels that can reach to the conference venue (PolyU) in 10-min walking distance:

Best Western Plus Hotel Kowloon Details
InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong Details
New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel Details