TOMIXX aims at achieving an integrated impact assessment of APIs to humans and the environment. The impact assessment will be performed using a selection of APIs present in Cyprus effluents and their photo-transformation products (PTPs). The effects on the environment will be assessed using a battery assay of relevant aquatic organisms from the various trophic levels. Acute and chronic effects, as well as, single and mixtures effects will be studied. The effects on humans will be evaluated in a cellular scale by assessing mutagenicity and by implementing a novel cost-effective cytotoxity-estrogenicity assay that will be developed in the context of this research project. Effects on humans will also be studied in a molecular scale by developing a novel microarray based method. A true interdisciplinary top quality research team will collaborate during the implementation of this innovative research project.

In addition, one of the targets of TOMIXX is to increase knowledge, not only of the academic institutes and especially of the young researcher involved, but also of the governmental and private sector regarding the thematic area of xenobiotic compounds. Technical expertise gained through this project will serve towards the better implementation of European legislation and to better protection of human and environmental health by proposing water reuse quality criteria with regard to the concentration of selected pharmaceutical compounds. Environmental awareness and participation of the public
in general, will also be encouraged through this project for a better handling and disposal of APIs.

As a conclusion, this research project targets at enhancing the efforts made by the ‘green chemistry sector’ by providing new insight relevant to existing APIs concerning their environmental potency, the ultimate objective being the replacement of APIs with adverse environmental effects.