• Through new and enhanced multidisciplinary collaborations, to leverage and integrate existing expertise currently distributed among partners, thus leading to an upgraded profile for them in the field of multi-component impact assessment and to new relevant scientific insights in the field of environmental science.

  • To transfer specialized knowledge and promote lasting professional cooperation between the participant organisations, governmental and private sector in the field of xenobiotics’ impact assessment and water resources quality protection.

  • To promote excellence in the research field of advanced water management and to develop and/or enhance local expertise in the field of xenobiotics in water and wastewater.

  • To evaluate the potential impacts of APIs and their multi-component mixtures to humans and the ecosystem, which is a new field of scientific research attracting intense worldwide interest.

  • To contribute to the implementation of the Water Framework Directive since the project will provide new insights for developing emission limit values and environmental quality standards with respect to APIs currently absent from the priority lists circulated.

  • To enhance the acceptance and practices related to wastewater reuse by determining the most relevant issues relating to reuse and adverse effects.