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E-mail: lucdimit@ucy.ac.cy
Position: Lecturer
Building: Green Park

Dr. Loukas Dimitriou (from 2014) he is appointed Lecturer, in the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus and Chair of Laboratory of Transportation Engineering. He holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and a Ph.D. from Dept. of Transportation Planning and Engineering, NTUA. For the period 2011-2013 he was appointed Assistant Professor at King Saud University, School of Civil Engineering, Prince Mohamed bin Naif Chair for Traffic Safety Research, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. His academic and professional activities relates to the analysis of travel demand, the use of advanced methods and techniques for optimizing transportation systems' design and in developing frameworks for supporting decisions in his fields.

Research Interests:

  • Transport Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Transportation Networks
  • Competitive Design
  • Demand Analysis and Forecasting
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Transit Systems
  • Terminals
  • Highway Design
  • Pedestrian Systems

  • Selected Publications:

  • Investigation of Texting on Young Drivers Behavior by Means of Multivariate Copula Analysis and Gaussian Mixture Modeling
    Loukas Dimitriou, Katerina Stylianou, George Yannis (2017)
  • Dynamic Short-Term Projections of Travel Time Distributions in Urban Signalized Networks utilizing Composite Information of Traffic Characteristics
    Loukas Dimitriou, Vana Gkania (2016)
  • Capturing System-wide Magnitude of Earthquakes’ Effects on Urban Traffic Networks
    Loukas Dimitriou, Antony Stathopoulos (2016)
  • Dynamic Estimation of Optimal Dispatching Locations for Taxi Services in Mega-Cities based on Detailed GPS Information
    Loukas Dimitriou, Elena Kourti, Christina Christodoulou, Vana Gkania (2016)
  • Optimal competitive freight network design as hierarchical variational inequalities programming problems
    Loukas Dimitriou (2015)
  • An agent-based framework for designing competitive transportation systems
    Loukas Dimitriou, Antony Stathopoulos (2010)