Welcome to the "EUPALINOS - Construction Engineering and Water Distribution Networks Management Laboratory" website. Further to the traditional field of construction engineering and management, we focus on a variety of research areas ranging from ...
... Building Information Models (BIM) and their application to construction and to the energy-efficiency of buildings, ...
... urban water distribution networks (UWDN), waterloss management, UWDN vulnerability, and spatio-temporal optimization of UWDN ...
... automatic meter reading (AMR) technologies for waterloss management, ...
... roadway networks, their operations and maintenance (O&M), and spatio-temporal optimization of such networks for uninterrupted traffic flow, ...
... integrated platforms for the safe transport of dangerous goods, ...
... and multi-modal transport.
The vision is clear. Scientific work and fully integrated and automated processes, transcending multiple fields of civil engineering, ...
... for the construction of a better built environment.

We Pride Ourselves,

for Who We Are and What We Do.

Multi-Faceted Research Themes

Construction engineering and management, building information models (BIM), urban water distribution networks (UWDN), transport networks.

Internationally Recognized

Over 100 scientific journal and conference publications, national and international committee memberships, reviews for over 30 scientific journals and granting agencies.

Competitively Funded

Research grants from, among other, the Research Promotion Foundation (Cyprus), the National Science Foundation (USA), the FP7, Marie Curie and Interreg Programs (EU).

Theoretical and Applied Research

Interwined theoretical and applied research themes, driven by both scientific inquisition and local industry needs, on contemporary topics of local and international interest.

Multi-Disciplined Reseach Staff

Multi-disciplined and complimentary in skills research staff, of post-doctoral associates, graduate and undergraduate students, research associates and administrators.


Continuous dissemination to the scientific, industry and public communities through scientific publications and presentations, seminars, academic courses, and workshops.

Our Recent Work

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Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth.

Archimedes (287 BC – c. 212 BC).

A Welcoming Note From Us

Welcome to our website.

Here you can find everything you would ever want to know about the "EUPALINOS - Construction Engineering and Water Distribution Networks Management Laboratory" and about Symeon ... Well, almost everything!

The website primarily provides information on the lab's research activities, its Director and research associates, the courses taught, and relevant publications.

We warmly invite you not only to come inside and review our work, but more importantly to share your thoughts with us on the topics included in these webpages, and on any other topic you think may relate to their content.

We trust that in our short presence at the University of Cyprus we have become an active and productive member of the University's scientific and research community, with an ever-reaching international footprint and recognition of our work among our peers. National and international research grants from Funding Agencies such as USA's National Science Foundation (NSF), EU's FP7 Framework Program, EU's Marie-Curie Program and the Interreg Program, active participation in EU-wide organizations (such as COST's Domain Committee on Transport and Urban Development), and international awards for our work, attest to our scientific standing.

Καλώς Ορίσατε!

Symeon Christodoulou, Ph.D. 
EUPALINOS - Construction Engineering and
Water Distribution Networks Management Laboratory

About This Website

The "EUPALINOS - Construction Engineering & Water Distribution Networks Management Laboratory" website is the host of the lab's research and academic activities. All material hosted by the website and created by EUPALINOS and its researchers, is the property of the lab and should be used only at the permission of its Director.

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The EUPALINOS Lab in Brief

EUPALINOS is a laboratory of construction engineering and of urban water distribution networks (UWDN) management, focused on scientific and industrial research pertaining to these thematic areas. The EUPALINOS Lab is affiliated with the University of Cyprus's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and with the NIREAS International Water Research Center (Nireas-IWRC), it is coordinated by Dr. Symeon Christodoulou and has been the host of several nationally and internationally funded research projects in construction engineering and management, building information models, water distribution networks, and transportation networks.

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