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Albert Einstein 
Phycisist, 1879-1955

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Alumni and Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars

Ms. Erato Panayiotou
Erato is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh, with a BSc honors degree in ecological and environmental sciences (2011-2014). In the summer of 2014, she joined Nireas-IWRC and the EUPALINOS Lab for work on urban water distribution networks, performing a number of statistical and pattern recognition studies pertaining to waterloss management.

Dr.-Ing. Katharina Lukas
Dr.-Ing. Lukas is a researcher at the Technical University of Munich (Chair of Computational Modeling and Simulation) and joined the EUPALINOS Lab in the summer of 2011 for collaborative work on the operations and maintenance of transport networks, and on ant colony optimization.


Dr. Anastasia Michaelidou-Kamenou
Dr. Kamenou is a graduate of the Technical University of Athens, and is UCY's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering's first Ph.D. graduate in construction engineering and management (2007-2011). Her Ph.D. thesis, titled "A Unified Entropy Theory for the Management of Construction" focused on the use of entropic measures for managing construction processes, such as resource-constrained scheduling and budgetting. Dr. Michaelidou-Kamenou is the author/co-author of several journal and conference publications and of a book chapter in an internationally published book. She is currently employed at the strategic management division of Cyprus's telecommunications authority (CYTA).

Dr. Charalambos Georgiou
Dr. Charalambos Georgiou has studied at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Cyprus and holds a B.Sc. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering (2007), M.Sc. in Civil Engineering (2009) and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (2013). He specializes in Building Information Modeling, Integrated Damage Assessment, Three Dimensional Visualization, Cost Estimating and Time Scheduling for Post-Earthquake Reinforced Concrete Building Rehabilitation. During his graduate studies he has worked at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Cyprus as a Research Assistant on externally-funded research programs focused on Post-Earthquake Building Rehabilitation and as a Teaching Assistant in the courses of Earthquake Engineering, Steel Structures, Soil Mechanics, Foundations and Construction Management. Since 2009 he has been working as an Energy Officer in the Photovoltaic Systems and Energy Performance of Buildings Department at the Cyprus Institute of Energy. He has been also working at the EUPALINOS Lab, as a Research Associate (since December 2013) on an externally-funded project related to building energy efficiency (ISES).

MSc/MEng Theses

The following is a list of graduate theses/projects undertaken under the supervision of staff from the EUPALINOS Lab, on research topics related to the scope of the Lab:

M.Sc. Level
  • Christoforou, C. (2014). A GIS-Based Decision Support System for Roadway Condition Assessment and Prioritization of Works in Roadway Networks, University of Cyprus.

  • Gartzonikas, C. (2014). Entropy-Based Impact Assessment of Roadway Closures for Optimizing the Operations and Maintenance of Roadway Networks, University of Cyprus.

  • Menoikiotou, M. (2012). Analysis and Productivity Improvements in Roadway Operations Using Stroboscope Simulator, University of Cyprus.

  • Koukoutsaki, A. (2012). Spatial Modeling and Social Interaction Simulation for Energy Efficiency Studies, University of Cyprus.

  • Georgiou, C. (2009). Damage assessment, repair scheduling and visualization for post-earthquake building rehabilitation, University of Cyprus (Co-Adviser).

  • Hadjikleanthous, K. (2009). FIAPP for public works: the case of Larnaca’s International Airport, University of Cyprus.

M.Eng. Level
  • Christou, D. (2014). Construction contracts and appraisal of construction claims, University of Cyprus.

  • Rossou, A. (2013). The effects of Cyprus’s financial crisis on the construction sector, University of Cyprus.

  • Kourtellou, D. (2013). GIS-based traffic load analysis of UCy’s student body, University of Cyprus.

  • Thrasyvoulou, A. (2013). Roadway operations and maintenance optimization, University of Cyprus.

  • Kanellides, L. (2013). BIM-based quantity takeoff Case study: UCy’s School of Engineering, University of Cyprus.

  • Giorkas, G. (2013). BIM-based cost estimation - Case study: UCy’s School of Engineering, University of Cyprus.

  • Konatzi, A. (2013). BIM-based scheduling - Case study: UCy’s School of Engineering, University of Cyprus.

  • Neophytou, N. (2012). UCY’s School Of Engineering - Project planning and risk analysis, University of Cyprus.

  • Liasidis, P. (2012). Santa Barbara Hills Park - Project planning and risk analysis, University of Cyprus.

  • Aniftos, M. (2012). GIS-based risk assessment for forestry fires, University of Cyprus.

  • Alexoglou, V. (2012). Construction claims and Cyprus’s legal system, University of Cyprus.

  • Christodoulou, S. (2011). Cyprus’s legal framework for construction contracts, University of Cyprus.

  • Karamanis, M. (2010). FIAPP-based system for competitive bidding, University of Cyprus.

  • Papadopoulou, C. (2009). GIS-based optimization of leak-detection sensor placement, University of Cyprus.

  • Georgiou, A. (2009). Review of Cyprus’s legal framework on construction claims, University of Cyprus.

  • Michael, E. (2009). Mitigation measures for construction claims in public works, University of Cyprus.

  • Michael, M. (2008). Design and management of urban wastewater distribution networks, University of Cyprus.

  • Hadjichristou, E. (2008). GIS-based vulnerability assessment of Larnaca’s wastewater distribution network, University of Cyprus.

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EUPALINOS is a laboratory of construction engineering and of urban water distribution networks (UWDN) management, focused on scientific and industrial research pertaining to these thematic areas. The EUPALINOS Lab is affiliated with the University of Cyprus's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and with the NIREAS International Water Research Center (Nireas-IWRC), it is coordinated by Dr. Symeon Christodoulou and has been the host of several nationally and internationally funded research projects in construction engineering and management, building information models, water distribution networks, and transportation networks.

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