Frequently Asked Questions


1. I'm interested in being part of your research team. How can I do so?

Simple. Send us an email, drop us a note, give us a call, send us an sms, or ... fly us a pigeon. We are always available to talk to you, and we are always in need of additional brain power.

2. How about funding?

Oh, yes. Funding. What about funding?
Actually, we are in constant search for funding and most of our research activities are funded through external research projects. We can not guarantee funding, but we can guarantee trying to secure funding for you.

3. What are the required skills?

First and foremost, a love of, and dedication to, research. We are looking for good and dedicated researchers, with a passion for what they do and an appreciation of the opportunities they are given. Further to civil and environmental engineers, the EUPALINOS team has in its ranks eletrical and mechanical engineers, GIS and transportation engineering degree holders.

4. What are the office hours?

What office? What hours? Remember, this is research and not office work. We work 24/7, and the office is just the means to achieve a goal. What is at stake is scientific productivity, and not office presence.

5. And what will I be doing if I join your research team?

If we knew, it wouldn't be called 'research'. We deal with contemporary and traditional research topics, pure and/or applied research. The topics that interest us the most are on this website, but we are open to suggestions. If there is a topic that is of interest to you, and you are willing to dive yourself into, we are willing to help you do so.



6. If I join EUPALINOS, will I be given a chance to travel the world?

Good one. Yes, we do travel a lot but ony for the purpose of spreading the word about our work. Should you join us, you will be given a chance to present your work at international conferences and, even more importantly, publish it in peer-reviewed journals.

7. What if I don't publish? May I download your publications instead?

To publish is to survive. We are constantly striving for publications, and your aim should also be to undertake scientific work of the highest caliber which will lead to publications. You may donwload any and all of the publications made available on this website, but only as a reference and not as a substitute for your publications.


8. All this "research thing" sounds too serious and formal for me. What else is there?

The EUPALINOS team, having gone through 2 weddings and 2 baptisms in the last one year, is at this point more of a family than a research team. We lunch together, we go on excursion trips, we socialize on off-office hours, we observe casual fridays over vodkas and wine (... well, not really. The last one was meant to impress you). Still, the "research thing" consumes most of our time.

9. No, seriously. What do you do when there are no funded projects, or during the summer?

Striiiike Two. Research is around us, and not necessarily tied to funded projects. And summer is actually our most productive period.

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The "EUPALINOS - Construction Engineering & Water Distribution Networks Management Laboratory" website is the host of the lab's research and academic activities. All material hosted by the website and created by EUPALINOS and its researchers, is the property of the lab and should be used only at the permission of its Director.

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The EUPALINOS Lab in Brief

EUPALINOS is a laboratory of construction engineering and of urban water distribution networks (UWDN) management, focused on scientific and industrial research pertaining to these thematic areas. The EUPALINOS Lab is affiliated with the University of Cyprus's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and with the NIREAS International Water Research Center (Nireas-IWRC), it is coordinated by Dr. Symeon Christodoulou and has been the host of several nationally and internationally funded research projects in construction engineering and management, building information models, water distribution networks, and transportation networks.

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