Work by Dr. Christodoulou has been published in some of the top journals in the field.

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Journal Impact Factors (2012)

The Year2012 impact factors (IF) of the journals in which our work has appeared, are listed below (in descending impact factor order).

  • Springer, Water Resources Management
    (IF: 2.259)
  • Wiley, Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics
    (IF: 1.898)
  • Elsevier, Automation in Construction
    (IF: 1.820)
  • Elsevier, Advanced Engineering Informatics
    (IF: 1.593)
  • ASCE, Computing in Civil Engineering
    (IF: 1.268)
  • IWA, Water Science and Technology
    (IF: 1.102)
  • ASCE, Infrastructure Systems
    (IF: 0.983)
  • ASCE, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management
    (IF: 0.876)
  • ASCE, Management in Engineering
    (IF: 0.720)
  • Taylor and Francis, Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems
    (IF: 0.447)

Refereed Journal Publications

(Review Criteria include (1) At Least Two Reviewers and (2) the Opportunity to Implement Corrections)

J31. Christodoulou, S. and Fragiadakis, M. (2014). “Vulnerability Assessment of Water Distribution Networks Considering Performance Data”, Infrastructure Systems, ASCE (in press).

J30. Christodoulou, S., Gagatsis, A., Xanthos, S., Kranioti, S., Agathokleous, A. and Fragiadakis, M. (2013).“Entropy-Based Sensor Placement Optimization for Waterloss Detection in Water Distribution Networks”, Water Resources Management, Springer, 27(13), 4443–4468.

J29. Fragiadakis, M., Christodoulou, S. and Vamvatsikos, D. (2013). “Reliability Assessment of Urban Water Distribution Networks Under Seismic Loads”, Water Resources Management, Springer, 27(10), 3739–3764.

J28. Fragiadakis, M. and Christodoulou, S. (2013).“Seismic Reliability Assessment of Urban Water Network”, Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, Elsevier, 43(3), 357–374.

J27. Christodoulou, S. and Agathokleous, A. (2012). “A Study on the Effects of Intermittent Water Supply on the Vulnerability of Urban Water Distribution Networks”, Water Science and Technology: Water Supply, IWA, 12(4), 523–530.

J26. Christodoulou, S., Tezias, E.S. and Galaras, K.A. (2012). “Resource-Constrained Scheduling of Construction Projects and Simulation of the Entropy Impact on a Project’s Duration and Cost”, International Journal of Project Organization and Management, Inderscience, 4(4), 322– 338.

J25. Christodoulou, S. (2011). “Water Network Assessment and Reliability Improvements by use of Survival Analysis”, Water Resources Management: Special Issue on EWRA2009, Springer, 25(4), 1229-1238.

J24. Christodoulou, S. and Ellinas, (2011). “Ant Colony Optimization for Level of Service Improvements in Piping Networks”, European Water, Springer, 33, 3-10.

J23. Christodoulou, S., Agathokleous, A., Charalambous, C. and Adamou, A. (2010). “Proactive Risk-Based Integrity Management of Deteriorating Water Distribution Networks”, Water Resources Management, Springer, 24(13), 3715-3730.

J22. Christodoulou, S., Ellinas, G. and Michaelidou-Kamenou, A. (2010). “The Minimum Moment Method for Resource Leveling using Entropy Maximization”, Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE, 136 (5), 518-527.

J21. Christodoulou, S. (2010). “Traffic Modeling and College-Bus Routing Optimization Using Entropy Maximization”, Transportation Engineering, ASCE, 136 (2), 102-109.

J20. Brilakis, I., Lourakis, M., Sacks, R., Savarese, S., Christodoulou, S., Teizer, J., and Makhmalbaf, A. (2010). “Toward Automated Generation of Parametric BIMs based on Hybrid Video and Laser Scanning Data”, Advanced Informatics, Elsevier, 24(4), 456-465.

J19. Christodoulou, S. (2010). “Bid Mark-up Selection Using Artificial Neural Networks and an Entropy Metric”, Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, Emerald, 17 (4), 424-439.

J18. Christodoulou, S. and Ellinas, G. (2010). “Pipe Network Routing Through Ant Colony Optimization”, Infrastructure Systems, ASCE, 16 (2), 149-159.

J17. Christodoulou, S. (2010). “Scheduling Resource-Constrained Projects with Ant Colony Optimization Artificial Agents”, Computing in Civil Engineering, ASCE, 24 (1), pp. 45-55.

J16. Christodoulou, S., Agathokleous, A., Kounoudes, A. and Milis, M. (2010). “Wireless Sensor Networks for Water Loss Detection”. European Water, Springer, 30, 41-48.

J15. Christodoulou, S., Ellinas, G. and Aslani, P. (2009). “Entropy-Based Scheduling of Resource-Constrained Construction Projects”, Automation in Construction, Elsevier, 18 (7), 919-928.

J14. Christodoulou, S. and Deligianni, A. (2009). “A Neurofuzzy Decision Framework for the Sustainable Management of Water Distribution Networks”, Water Resources Management, Springer, 24 (1), 139-156.

J13. Aslani, P., Christodoulou, S., Griffis, F.H., Ellinas, G., and Chiarelli, L. (2009). “Activity Prioritization Under Resource Constraints Using a Utility Index Method”, Open Construction and Building Technology Journal, Bentham, 3, 33-41.

J12. Manoliades, O., Pantouvakis, P. and Christodoulou, S. (2009). “Improving Qualifications- Based Selection by use of the Fuzzy Delphi Method”, Construction Management and Economics, Taylor and Francis, 27 (4), 373-384.

J11. Christodoulou, S., Deligianni, A., Aslani, P. and Agathokleous, A. (2009). “Risk-Based Asset Management of Water Piping Networks Using Neurofuzzy Systems”, Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, Elsevier, 33 (2), 138-149.

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J8. Christodoulou, S. (2008). “A Bid-Unbalancing Method for Lowering A Contractor’s Financial Risk”, Construction Management and Economics, Taylor and Francis, 26 (12), 1291-1302.

J7. Christodoulou, S., Charalambous, B., and Adamou, A. (2008). “Rehabilitation and Mainte- nance of Water Distribution Network Assets”, Water Science and Technology: Water Supply, IWA, 8 (2), 231-237.

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J1. Griffis, F.H. and Christodoulou, S. (2000). “Construction Risk Analysis Tool for Determining Liquidated Damages Insurance Premiums: A Case Study”, Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE, 126 (6), 407-413.

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