Funded Projects

With an over-the-years total funding of approximately 2.0 million euro, the "EUPALINOS - Construction Engineering and Water Distribution Networks Management Laboratory" and its Director have managed to fund scientific and/or industry-driven research on a variety of thematic areas, and to employ several researchers on such projects. A listing of these projects and short descriptions of their scientific goals and outputs, are given below (in descending chronological order).

Integrated Platform for Security and Safety in Intelligent Multi-Modal Transport

("PRODROMOS", 2013-2015)
The project "PRODROMOS" deals with the creation and implementation of an integrated methodology to complement a "single window" platform, for the security, information and operation of intelligent marine transport...

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Intelligent Services for Energy-Efficient Design and Life-Cycle Simulation

("ISES", 2013-2014)
ISES will develop ICT building blocks to integrate and complement existing tools for design and operation management, into a Virtual Energy Lab capable of evaluating, simulating and optimizing the energy efficiency of products and facilities, in particular components for buildings and facilities,...

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Nireas International Water Research Center

("Nireas-IWRC", 2009-2013)
The activities of Nireas-IWRC include interdisciplinary research aiming at the solution of complex scientific and engineering problems under the unifying theme of water management. The overarching aim of Nireas-IWRC is to integrate and leverage interdisciplinary research pertaining to water, for the solution of /complex scientific and engineering problems in this thematic research area...

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Ad-Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks for Automatic Meter reading (AMR) and Vulnerability Assessment of Water Piping Networks

("UCyAMR", 2010-2012)
The UCyAMR research project aims at, among others, developing a comprehensive hardware and software solution for the monitoring of piping systems with ad-hoc wireless sensors and for the automatic meter reading of water meters, providing online monitoring of water consumption in the network...

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Urban Water Distribution Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of Leakage Detection via Sensing Technologies

("UCyMSAD", 2009-2012)
The project's main objevtives are the development of an integrated wireless sensor network (WSN) and of related GIS-based software for early leakage detection, and the development of 'repair-or-replace' pipeline management decisions and prioritization of work in UWDN based on risk-of-failure and financial parameters...

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Integrated Risk Assessment and Management of Water Distribution Networks

("EDRISYS", 2005-2007)
The project aims for the development of a framework for the management of urban water distribution networks based on both analytical and numerical modeling techniques and coupled with geographical distribution systems (GIS) for improved visualization and dissemination of relevant information to the management teams...

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Sustainable Building Development and Construction Management through Virtual Reality Workspaces and Simulation

("VIRTUALITY", 2006-2010)
The VIRTUALITY project aims the development of virtual reality (VR) infrastructure and knowledge on 3D/4D/VR modeling and building information models (BIM) for fully integrated and automated project processes (FIAPP) in construction management...

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Detection and Management of Water Leaks in Urban Environments Using Wireless Sensor Networks

("EDRISENSE", 2006-2008)
The main objective of "Edrisense" is the development of a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) system for the continuous monitoring of the water supply urban networks, for the purpose of early detection of water leaks and of reduction of water loses. The performance of this innovative system will be evaluated through a pilot deployment in a controlled environment under real conditions...

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Bus Routing Optimization

("BUS", 2008)
The project ivestigated the transportation movements and the daily class schedules of the University of Cyprus's student population, for the purpose of devising and optimizing bus routes for the University, primarily through the use of geospatial systems and entropy models...

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Automated Generation of Building Information Models

("BIMAutoGen", 2010-2014)
The project's research objective is to facilitate international collaboration and transfer of knowledge between international partners and to validate the hypothesis that the novel framework developed by the consortium, can be successfully used to generate parametric building models, almost entirely automatically. ...

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EUPALINOS is a laboratory of construction engineering and of urban water distribution networks (UWDN) management, focused on scientific and industrial research pertaining to these thematic areas. The EUPALINOS Lab is affiliated with the University of Cyprus's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and with the NIREAS International Water Research Center (Nireas-IWRC), it is coordinated by Dr. Symeon Christodoulou and has been the host of several nationally and internationally funded research projects in construction engineering and management, building information models, water distribution networks, and transportation networks.

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