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Project Overview

The activities of Nireas-IWRC include interdisciplinary research aiming at the solution of complex scientific and engineering problems under the unifying theme of water management. The goal is to develop further expertise that will enable an integrated approach to this important issue, coupling chemistry, biology, hydrology, geohydrology, hydraulics, advanced modeling capabilities and experimental/analytical work, computational mechanics, risk assessment, environmental science and education, economics and of course various specialties of engineering in order to face various emerging problems in this field. The implementation of the various projects that will stem from the Institute will spearhead research at a pioneering level internationally. The projects of Nireas-IWRC are true inter-sectorial, effectively linked and integrated since the working schedule is structured so that various members are involved in several inter-related projects and activities. Each of the research pillars and tasks described in the research methodology promotes competence and practical skills in various disciplines within the thematic area of water management. The overarching aim of Nireas-IWRC is to integrate and leverage this interdisciplinary research for the solution of complex scientific and engineering problems. Although distinct, the pillars have commonalities both in the scientific content and the industrial and real life scale applications.

Nireas-IWRC focuses on 3 research pillars:

  1. Water quality, monitoring and treatment
  2. Water supply and urban water management
  3. Socioeconomic analysis for water-related issues

Furthermore Nireas-IWRC’s major research areas are:

  • Advanced chemical water treatment
  • Advanced wastewater treatment through hybrid processes
  • Development and use of porous materials in water treatment applications
  • Characterization of properties of particles in waters and identification of organics adsorbed on solid surfaces
  • Environmental chemical analysis for water quality
  • Water pollutants impact assessment
  • Water resource evaluation
  • Groundwater resources
  • Protection of groundwater resources
  • Groundwater recharge
  • Development of mitigation techniques for evaporative loss from fresh water reservoirs
  • Reservoir sedimentation monitoring and management
  • Surface reservoir integrity
  • Water supply and urban water management
  • Automatic meter reading and ad-hoc wireless sensor networks for leak detection
  • Numerical modeling, prediction and monitoring of salt-water intrusion on coastal aquifers
  • Socioeconomic analysis for water-related issues

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Consortium Partners

  • University of Cyprus
  • University of Cincinatti

Funding Agency

The NIREAS-IWRC research project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus, through the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (DESMI 2008).

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The EUPALINOS Lab in Brief

EUPALINOS is a laboratory of construction engineering and of urban water distribution networks (UWDN) management, focused on scientific and industrial research pertaining to these thematic areas. The EUPALINOS Lab is affiliated with the University of Cyprus's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and with the NIREAS International Water Research Center (Nireas-IWRC), it is coordinated by Dr. Symeon Christodoulou and has been the host of several nationally and internationally funded research projects in construction engineering and management, building information models, water distribution networks, and transportation networks.

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